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The heart of our vision for the communities we serve is captured by our name, iKusasaLethu, an isiZulu word meaning “the future is getting brighter”.


iKusasaLethu has a mission to raise up a powerful younger generation. Our programmes focus on honouring oneself and others, constructive decision-making, and equipping young people to pursue a brighter future.


iKusasaLethu is an NPO registered with the Department of Social Welfare. Reg No. 123-446


iKusasaLethu is registered with the South African Revenue Service as Public Benefit Organization (PBO No. 930049567). Tax certificates are available to donors on request. 


Benefactors are eligible for BBBEE points in the category of socioeconomic development.



IkusasaLethu continues to participate in the morning assemblies at five schools to assist with developing unity and a positive school culture. Four and a half thousand pupils of the two high schools and three primary schools are impacted by messages, teaching about their identity in Christ, and hope for the future. Starting the day with good news has had positive results.



The Youth Club After-School Program is running in the same 3 high schools, with over 150
learners in regular attendance. We provide snacks and refreshments to bridge the time
between school and home. Our aim is to provide a safe and engaging environment for
students to develop skills, foster positive relationships, and promote personal and academic
growth. The meetings are spiritually uplifting, personally empowering and provide a safe
space for the youth to be vulnerable and to stay true to their goals.
Learners have been taught to be disciplined to study and many have achieved good school
marks that have enabled them to obtain bursaries to go to university or college.



Goal Pro Solutions is a programme dedicated to life-coaching and goal
Setting support for Grade 8 learners in the Valley of a Thousand Hills. To date, this programme has supported 550 learners across three schools.

The programme aims to equip students with essential life skills, assist with confidence-building, encouraging optimistic thinking and promoting resilience, improving academic performance, and developing interpersonal relationships and communication skills.



We continue to gather with about 44 children in the Embo community on Saturdays. The time is spent sharing the Gospel, providing guidance and assisting with schoolwork. The gatherings provide a safe place where healthy community is built. Volunteers from different walks of life also participate by reading books and spending time to instil values.



The Embo Community Sports Ground continues to provide a space to successfully engage and empower over 70 young people through soccer and netball activities. The program includes weekday practice sessions and weekend games, attracting both boys and girls from the Embo community. The participants have the opportunity to develop their skills, teamwork, and
physical fitness during the practice sessions. The program has a positive impact on the youth fostering a stronger community.



This program is aimed at empowering and up-skilling unemployed youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. The program continues to provide skills that enable the candidate to find employment in popular coffee shops and dealerships. It is run twice a year in the Hillside coffee shop.



These skills are taught in the IkusasaLethu Training Room by volunteers. Young adults are taught basic computer skills, including basic training on Microsoft Word and Excel, hardware, and other important software skills. The classes, accommodating three learners at a time, are held once weekly for three hours over four months. Our goal is to donate refurbished laptops for students to practice, find work or take on projects to generate entrepreneurial business.



This programme trains unemployed young people with a skill they can use to clothe their families and possibly to generate income. A group of four students are trained in the IkusasaLethu training room. Students are offered  four hours of training per session, with a total of two sessions per week, over a four month period. The students are also exposed to the gospel, Christian values and ethos through our Alpha course. Although we focus on sewing, we also lead by building the self-worth of all the students.


AIM: To foster healthy relationships and deeper connections between parents and their children and build stronger family connections.

On Saturday the 5th August 2023 The Nation Changers initiative enabled the partnership between IkusasaLethu and The Presbyterian Church to organize a highly anticipated ‘Parent and Child Workshop’ at Gwadu Zenex Primary School in Embo Community. An impressive turnout of around 200 parents and children attended. There were different topics covered that day and Mr Sipho Madlala spoke about Values and Communication, and Mr Mpendulo Shoba spoke about Identity and Declaration. The topics were addressed differently according to which group they were talking to at that specific time, both parents and children, ensuring
that every participant felt heard, valued, and involved.

The event featured a diverse range of activities, including interactive group discussions, games and exercises. It strengthened the relationship between the parent and child.

DATE: 17 – 20 AUGUST 2023
lkusasaLethu members had an opportunity to participate in the RBF experience, and it was a remarkable and positive experience. It was organized by a local NGO [Heartland] at Zandriver Lodge. IKusasalethu members were volunteers, and also learned through the process.

AIM: The Refined by Fire Experience is a mentorship program designed to create a safe and supportive environment where dads and their daughters can engage in meaningful and impactful interactions. The event was specifically designed to bring together dad’s and daughters from different backgrounds to connect and build a stronger bond as well as a renewed sense of love and respect. It also provided a space of fellowship in Christ and space for open dialogue, sharing experiences to help validate and acknowledge the challenges that individuals face.

DATE: 05 – 08 OCTOBER 202

This event was organized by a local NGO, Heartlands, and it was held at Zandriver Lodge where fathers and their sons from diverse backgrounds came to connect and improve relationships.

AIM: The aim is to create a supportive and engaging environment, to break down communication barriers, build trust and equip participants with valuable tools and skills to strengthen their relationships.


DATE: 26 – 29 OCTOBER 2023

AIM: To connect, be equipped to be better men and bring true masculinity to the community. Wild at Heart is a place where men gather to discuss issues that affect men’s hearts, share their life experience and have intimacy with the Father. It is where a man’s heart is healed and relationship with the Father is restored.

Date: 30

September 2023.

AIM: To positively impact the lives of disadvantaged young women in the community by installing hope and confidence. We had a good turnout of 30 attendees. IkusasaLethu organized this event to talk to young women about the challenges they face now, and possibly that they will face as they grow up. Sam Gumede spoke about self Care and Andile Mkhize spoke about Identity and how to “Be You”. Our guest speaker, Mrs Thandeka Mdluli, a nurse from a local clinic, gave an incredible talk about the importance of taking care of one’s health and setting healthy boundaries to protect one’s well-being. Our presented topics were to implement the significance of self-love, confidence, values, boundaries and the importance of embracing our uniqueness; these aspects are crucial in order to live a fulfilling and empowered life, and can cultivate a strong foundation for personal growth and relationship building, ensuring a path of love, compassion and purpose.

Date: November 24 th to 25th 2023.

AIM:To provide a supportive and empowering environment for young boys to learn and develop the values and principles that contribute to becoming responsible, compassionate, and respectful individuals. The IkusasaLethu team organized the boy’s camp. The boys arrived in the afternoon at the

Camping Site. The camp counselors welcomed them and outlined the schedule for the next two days. As evening approached, the first topic raised was about Integrity, which was presented by the camp counselor Mr Lindo Mthembu. The second topic was covered by our guest Mr Mpendulo Shoba, he spoke about setting goals and understanding the purpose of one’s existence, this was held around the campfire following a nutritious supper. On the last day, camp counselor Mr Sipho Madlala woke them up and chatted about identity.

The vision of the baby home is beautifully straightforward. Eight years ago, it was born from prophetic insight, recognizing the urgent need to support children abandoned by a failing government system. Our vision is clear: to provide a nurturing haven for young babies, offering them the chance to thrive despite the dire circumstances they may have faced. We aspire to rescue those who
have been left to fend for themselves, providing them with the love and care they deserve, and the opportunity to flourish in a safe and caring environment. Additionally, we strive to create opportunities for couples to embrace parenthood through adoption, thereby granting each child the chance to find their forever home—a place where they are cherished and nurtured for a lifetime.

Our objective is to procure a property to establish a baby home, providing a safe haven for infants in need. The neighboring property is currently on the market, and it aligns perfectly with our vision. However, to transform this property into a suitable baby home, there will be considerable initial costs involved.

To purchase the neighboring land will
cost R 4,000,000. Currently as a church we have fundraised R 1,000,000. Additionally, sustaining the baby home entails ongoing expenses. These include monthly contributions for staffing, as well as the procurement of essential supplies such as diapers and formula. While this endeavor is
important and crucial, it requires significant financial backing to ensure its long-term success and sustainability. We are estimating R 45,000 to sustain monthly costs.

At this given moment we are needing the remaining R 3,000,000 to secure the property.

Hillside Church ACC 2

ACC: 052018113

Future partnering with the Hillside Baby Home will cover daily expenses and we will give banking details when we are closer to the opening of baby home.

For more information or to chat further,please

messageus at:



Let us join hands to be the change in a nation grappling with one of the highest rates of abandoned babies. Beyond what meets the eye, the situation is dire. Let’ s be the light in the darkness.

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